You Must Determine To Succeed


My name is Ojie Imoloame and I am an addict. Yes, I have said it. I am addicted to success stories. I am a huge sucker for it. I like it when someone who with a simple ‘dollar and a dream’ so to speak, can turn that into something substantial. I like hearing these stories because they inspire me. They make me know that all one needs is his passion and hard work and determination, and for the Christians, God and I will be able to do achieve anything I want.

I have an aunt, who is in her early 50’s. She was made a SAN (Senior Advocate of Nigeria) like one or two years back. I saw her today and she is very much in love with the word ‘success’. She looked me dead in the eye and told me that ‘ You must determine to succeed’. She said that it is very important that one, especially young people like me, must down, take away distractions aspire to be successful, as she has done.

Anyone who knows what a SAN is knows that it is the pinnacle of the legal profession in Nigeria and it is extremely difficult to attain and she attained at her first attempt. She said that she barely has time for anyone and anything and just settles down and focuses on her goals and now she has made something of herself in her own right taking away her husbands own success.

In this day and age, there is so much out there to distract one, but clearly as has been showed, if one should do away with distractions and remain focused, goals will become realities.

how to succed at anything

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