Nick D’Aloiso Part II: And He Sold Summly For $30 Million


DLD Conference 2012 - Day 2

On ‘Amanpour’ last night, they featured Nick D’Aloiso, (we featured him on CreativityTurf June last year, Nick D’Aloisio: Youngest Person Ever To Receive A Round Of Venture Capital) a London-based 17-year-old teenager who had just sold an app he had created to Yahoo for $30 million. The app called ‘Summly’ was created when he was 15. The app provides its users short summaries of news stories for the reading on the go. Watching him talk about his product with such confidence had me in awe. I was beginning to think to myself that how does someone so young come up with something that apparently has a value of 30million dollars after just two years of operation?

His response to my wonderings when asked was simply interest and for fun. He said that he taught himself how to code and figured out the mechanics around making the app with a team of people. It’s funny because today I came across the famous Confucius ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’. Time and time again we always want to know what we can do to maybe make that money now especially we hear of stories like these. I have to admit I have fallen victim to that. There was a day I woke up with this motivation to start a business and it would make millions and make me very happy and I would see the world. At the end of the day I squashed the idea because I realized that without genuine interest in the product when the goings get tough, which they will, I will not be able to continue with it.

So, a lesson learnt from Nick is to do something that I have a pure and genuine interest in, not just for the money but because you love it. I live you with a quote from Oprah “Do something that you love so much you wont mind doing it for free”.

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  1. Success Maya says:

    Lool. I can also testify to thinking that way. Its true, we must do the things we love. Even Donald Trump said the same thing in your last video that was posted, that there is nothing wrong with having a job but the question is do you love what you do. Am so inspired by this, seeing young people get up and doing something with their gifts abd talents is truly answered prayers because its showing that they are no longer going for the guns or knives but they are going for business opportunities that will better their tomorrow.

    Thank you creavity Turf for this post

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