My Lagos Experience: What I Have Learnt So Far


I must say that when I was asked this piece, I struggled heavily because I didn’t know how I would write it without coming across like a bitter spouse who got the bad end of a divorce deal. It was bitter because I have been in UK now for some time and haven already gotten used to the order of the UK, coming back to Nigeria felt like someone had strapped a time-reversal on my chest and wound it to the early ‘90’s with a giant middle finger waving in my face. Funny thing is a friend of mine had warned me that if I closed my mind, that I would hate the country. I suppose I have to admit that he was right.

So, what I have learnt so far as I have been re-acquainting myself with the country?

The famous ‘ When in Rome act like Romans’ is very significant here. Although, Nigeria is a country that although sees herself as approaching the methods on the West, it is still deeply a strong cultural nation. Thus, one cannot expect to come in with the British way of doing things and expect anyone to bow to your mighty throne. After so many blank stares and occasional laughs of mockery, you wont know when you localize yourself. Now, it makes sense that multinationals coming into the country instantly localize their adverts if they want to get noticed. I suppose it’s the same as going to England with a Nigerian mindset and also expect to succeed.

Another lesson that was learnt the hard way is that some street-wiseness is not such a bad thing. It’s a necessary evil. Things move really fast here and if you are not wise enough to jump unto the opportunities, you will lose out terribly and you will pay for that loss with money, time and all your being. I was shielded from all these by my very much loving and cuddling parents, so now that I have officially joined the real world, I am discovering this all for myself. Believe me, I am paying for my street dumbness and it is killing.

Well, this is what I have learnt so far and will update as I go along….. Enjoy these pictures

Beautiful Lagos
Beautiful Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos Island
Lagos Island
Light Lagos Traffic
Light Lagos Traffic

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