Have You Got An Idea that Can Change Lives? Enter the Rockefeller Foundation Centennial Innovation Challenge & Win $100,000

Rockafeller-Foundation Creativity turf

The Rockefeller Foundation seeks to promote the well-being of people around the world and that goal has not changed since its inception. As part of its centennial celebration, the Rockafeller Foundation is calling for 10 innovative ideas that can change the world. – the Rockefeller Foundation Centennial Innovation Challenge.

It is often out of necessity that 1.8 billion people find their livelihoods in the informal economy – the business enterprises and jobs that exist partially or outside of government regulation. People may benefit from working in the informal economy, in both urban and rural settings. However, many poor or vulnerable individuals working in the informal economy face multiple challenges that can stunt their economic mobility and the overall well-being of their families. The challenges can range from limited opportunity to increase one’s income to job insecurity to poor market information. At the same time, the poor or vulnerable are often excluded from the resources that could improve the quality of their jobs, and, therefore, their lives.

Submit your idea by April 1, 2013. As many as 10 of the Finalists will be invited to apply for a grant of up to US $100,000 each and win support in proposal writing to enable the further development of submitted ideas.

For more information on the entry rules, visit the Rockefeller Foundation website

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