Sinan Kanatsiz: Doing A Master’s Degree? Start A Business On The Side

BY David Nixon||

Stories of self-made success are always inspiring, and Sinan Kanatsiz’s venture in the world of entrepreneurship is no exception. As CEO and Chairman of a $14 million business in San Clemente, California, Kanatsiz is currently one of the world’s leaders in the realm of internet marketing. But what is the secret behind Kanatsiz’s success?

Sinan Kanatsiz made his debut in the business world by setting up his first company, Kanatsiz and Associates, in 1998, while he was still studying for his Master’s degree. This initial business rapidly evolved into KCOMM, a public relations and Internet marketing company. In just three short years, KCOMM became a massive success, by attaining millions of dollars in revenue and by building three new business quarters. In total, KCOMM’s portfolio boasts over 60 campaigns with renowned companies all throughout Orange County, Silicon Valley, and Los Angeles.

Some of KCOMM’s milestone achievements include collaborations with industry moguls such as Sony and Toshiba, as well as two PROTOS awards, which is the highest honor offered by the Public Relations Society of America. But Kanatsiz has not limited his business to the technology industry alone. Amongst the company’s clientele we can also find the Republican Bill Jones, candidate for the position of governor in California.

But Sinan Kanatsiz’s success story does not end here. He has taken his expertise and experience in the business field beyond the borders of KCOMM when he was named by former President George W. Bush as an appointee to the U.S. Small Business Administration’s National Advisory Council. Kanatsiz’s two-year term with the Council, which ended in March 2008, has received a more than positive reaction, as the businessman was praised for his involvement, accomplishments, and foresight in relation to business and marketing.

Apart from achieving his business goals, Kanatsiz has used his company, KCOMM, as a means to give something back to the community. Sinan Kanatsiz is currently a board member of the Boys Town of South California, where he serves as a mentor for students interested in a career in entrepreneurship. This allows him to use his personal example as an inspiration to youngsters that wish to follow in his footsteps.

Other non-profit organizations KCOMM and Sinan Kanatsiz have been involved with include the CARE Foundation, the Irvine Public School Foundation, and Talk About Curing Autism. Kanatsiz’s personal belief on this matter is that it is important for a well established business to invest in its philanthropic activities.

In conclusion, there is one important lesson that can be learned from Kanatsiz’s story: with enough determination and focus, business triumph is more than achievable and personal success is as important as investing in the community. In an interview given to the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Council, Sinan Kanatsiz admits that the US is truly a land of opportunity, but that success does not come through luck alone. He encourages other aspiring entrepreneurs to use his model in business, which includes hard work, high goals, and a definite plan.

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