Till You Become An Island, You Can Not Be A Man

BY Mitchell Aghatise||

Mitchell Aghatise Creativity Turf

This piece asks for a paradigm shift on your part, indeed the real saying is that ‘no person is an island’ however I contend that this is indeed wrong and before you can refer to yourself as a unique person in the context of the quote you have to be an island, before disagreeing with me however, please oblige me the chance to carefully elucidate the conclusion I have reached.

The first point I am going to raise is this, if no man is an island, what then are we? Are we Mainland’s? Are we Continents? Are we Nations? Or even worse, sand dunes? Indeed I am not oblivious to the fact that the reason for this statement is in order to help us properly understand the need for help and assistance that we need to progress, but to take away our independence fully and make us ‘non-islands’ I contend this as a step too far. A better conclusion I would have reached is that every man is an island but we need bridges to be effective. Indeed there are islands in the world but these islands though largely alone are still able to network and maintain relations with other nations. I digress, main point here is that we are islands but we need bridges.

Now this is where it gets juicy, dear friend, I contend that for us to realise the potential deposited in us, indeed we have to be islands, we have to break free from the mainland mentality of comparing ourselves to the next person; this is not a caution I exercise so we will lower our standards or shy away from competition, but rather a caution I exercise so we don’t cap our potential at the limit of what others are achieving, you need the island mentality to deal with your own storms in life and maybe when it gets too big to handle, a helping hand comes through the  bridge… I contend that if you wallow in the mainland mentality, then you will succeed in allowing the contentions of others manifest as your reality.

There are island examples, Mr Bill Gates as well as Mr Steve Jobs knew where they wanted to be and how they wanted to get there, the island of their lives was in need of a step and instead of bending to the mainland size coat of the world, rather focused on the need of their island. I am not asking you to drop out of school, but sometimes your island needs choices that are largely unpopular… To be quite literal, for illustrative purposes, many soon migrated to that island and made it a new mainland.

The long and short is, the world tells you that you cannot be an island. You have to bend into mainland ideals. Well when your island has reached its full potentials, the world will scurry across your bridge and make your standard the mainland.

Be the frontrunner. Break Free. Emancipate yourself. Be an island, but remember, Build bridges.

Mitchell Aghatise|| is passionate about politics and people advancement especially in his home country of Nigeria, he is presently the president of Elevation Networks Leicester.

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  1. Robert says:

    I could agree but I think man (the contender) can still be represented as a mainlander! It might mean his potentials are slowly realized but in a more risked managed environment with his mainland friends as his collateral warrantee. In essence, they make up for what he lacks in. You could say he can do that with a bridge but the thing is, humans will open up more the closer you get to them. So what I’m trying to say is that, it’s not bad working as a cell in a collective body, i.e. as an employee on the ground floor of a 14 story department store, your job is as important as the one sitting above you…And besides, a bridge is more vulnerable than one big island against a tsunami or hurricane. If you are an island, you will need to establish a connection which you have to maintain sensitively! And it takes sacrifice, meaning you are loosing something in return for this…is it worth it?

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