Fashionpreneur Series (3): Kola Kuddus A Fast Rising Fashion Brand


Kola Kuddus

When a person you know becomes a business success and gets featured in the New York Times, doesn’t that just give you the extra believe in yourself! Sir K Kuddus as I like to call him is a fast-rising designer in Nigeria. He promotes the fashion brand — Kola Kuddus exclusively for men who want to look good and stand out and has showcased at high-profile shows.

Kola Kuddus first got into the fashion industry in 2005, but then as a personal shopper, it was not until April/May 2008 that he setup up the fashion brand Kola Kuddus. In 2007, Kola Kuddus had a think about his career, and he decided to make a career change; since he was already in the fashion industry so he decided to further in it and their by achieve his dreams. What he first thought to do, was to polish his skills so he enrolled at London College of Fashion, to prepare him for the fashionpreneurship journey he was about to embark on, while there he also did a course in sales management at City University London and this was when I met Kola Kuddus in the fall of 2007.

To be honest, this was MY very first encounter with a privileged university graduate male that wanted to be a fashion designer, out of choice and passion and not because of circumstance. A couple of times I went over to his house, he spoke with so much passion, showcased some of his work, and I noticed he was always attentive to whatever you had to say about his work. I remember on one  occasion he had decided to use his name Kola Kuddus as the name of his company, as its common in the industry, but he still wanted to know what each person had to say about the name, he sampled opinions on his logo he was absolutely attentive to details, and that thrilled me.

Fast-forward 4 years, and Kola Kuddus, has been featured on the Fashion and Style Section of The New York Times and was the opening act at the Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2012 – Arise Fashion Week. As you know, with all these stories, there will always be a stumbling block or a challenge somewhere, right? So for Kola Kuddus, he said he was the last person that was called to showcase for the Arise Fashion Week, earlier on, he had sent his look-book and he received a feedback letter saying his work was not good enough. Then about a week to the event, he got another letter saying that his brand, Kola Kuddus, has been chosen to participate in the show and it was this show that brought him the feature on The New York Times.

NOTE TO SELF: if you want to go into any business take a lil time to learn about the business, it will save me many avoidable mistakes and help me jump steps.

Kola Kuddus says he has always wanted to be a greater designer and a successful designer, “you do not have to be the best designer to be successful but I know I can be one of the best in the world, which is something that is achievable…. For me, I feel why should I go into an industry that everybody is going into without being relevant in that industry? I will like to work in an industry where I can show my own relevance in my own little way and people appreciate it.” Kola Kuddus has attributed his success in the industry so far to hard work, passion for what he does, putting in his best and God on his side. And for the future, he hopes for people to be able to get a Kola Kuddus design anywhere in the world.

Did I mention, that Kola Kuddus is a Philosophy graduate, but he has decided to follow his passion, which is bringing him fame and fortune, while he is also living out his dream. This is what we call success at CreativityTurf!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. ceejay Fayed says:

    I love His work, he’s about to dress the world…

  2. Heyitahyor says:

    Yepz, best designer i know!

  3. Qbcool says:

    I believe in the KK brand. Here’s another Nigerian worth talking about. kudos boss.

  4. osama says:

    His a Boss in Fashion.

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