CreativityTurf Update: We Have Been Busy!!!

Apologies for not being as frequent as we use to.

This morning, I read our about us page, and what made us to start CreativityTurf, and it reoccurred to me, that what I just need to do is to put my thoughts in writing. For a while now I have been trying to come up with what to write about.

There are a few people I have been thinking to share their profile and success stories; people like Richard Reed, Eric Idiahi, Rupert Hunt, Belinda Brown, Bukola Akingbade, Thomas Ferede, Kola Masha, but for different reasons, I haven’t shared them. We got feedbacks that we needed to make a few more mention of female entrepreneurial successes.

Also on the other hand, the Advisory Services of our business has kept us massively busy; we are currently working with a few clients to materialize their ideas into successful businesses (1 in Leicester, 1 in London and 2 in Lagos). While also doing this, we are also conducting a market research for a client in one of the emerging economies. Suffice to say we have been very busy.

We appreciate all those that visit this weblog. And for all the emails; we promise to use this weekend to reply all emails we have got, although we have been able to reply a few.

We are also planning on featuring the success stories of some of the clients of our Advisory Services; IF THEY AGREE, which I most definitely believe they would. Because most of the business has come about by the mingling of Ideas.

Look forward to our post in the coming days and weeks.


Parakletos & Deol

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