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I know many people might hit me for saying this but in my opinion, the recession was a good thing. With the recession, came vast cut backs in jobs and that severely affected the graduates from 2008 onwards. It was good because it has now forced or has given people especially young people the freedom to GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THE BOX and think up new and bright ideas and the freedom to realize them.

Enter , an online shop that sells unique pieces sourced from London’s Portobello market. Like many UK graduates, she was in the “so, what am I going to do with my life after going to the university and coming out and not being able to secure a job” phase. She too was forced to get her head out of the box and get thinking.

The IDEA for the online shop came about from what she loved doing, which was going to Portobello market in London to search for one-of-a-kind pieces. Whenever she wore the pieces, people would always ask her where she got them from and when she would tell them Portobello market, they would complain of the distance. So, recognizing that there was a NEED or market for these pieces, in 2008, she and her sisters set up the online shop by which people can get access to these pieces easily. The online shop was funded with the savings of the sisters. The clothes are sourced directly from the market and sold as a mark-up on the online shop. The success of the online shop let to her being awarded a £1,000 prize in the Daily Mail Young Enterprising Brit Award in 2010.

Fascinating how someone has been simply able to turn what she loved doing the most, which was simply going down to a market to search for unique pieces into a viable business. She goes very much in line with what we preach here that one can more than easily turn their abilities into a viable business. This, she did at the age of 23 and after 4 years she is still going strong. You can check out the online shop here

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