YOUNG TURF’S: Jamal Edwards a 21 Year-Old Self-Made Worth £6Million and Counting


The YOUNG TURF’S will be a new series where we talk about under-25’s who have decided to GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THE BOXES and USE THEIR ABILITIES to turn their IDEAS into reality by either taking hold of OPPORTUNITIES or making one up for themselves, first up, we have Jamal Edwards.


“Chase your dream, not the competition, because looking at the competition will cloud your vision and mess you up in the long run”. Jamal Edwards.

I can’t help it but I am sucker for young talent. I take great joy in seeing young kids expressing themselves via singing, dancing, rapping, spoken word, writing and art so on. I am always more excited when these kids are given a platform whereby they can showcase their skills, allowing them to connect with an audience and hence get their names out there, and this is where JAMAL EDWARDS comes in. After receiving a video camera from Santa Claus at 16, his IDEA came in when he uploaded footage of foxes he filmed in his garden of a local London Estate, unto YouTube and received 1,000 views.

Then he noticed that there was a NEED out there for grime music (UK version of American Hip-Hop) as it was not being featured on mainstream television. Using his ABILITIES as a guerilla filmmaker, taking advantage of this hunger for raw music, he decided to create a platform (OPPORTUNITY), he set up a YouTube online channel called SB-TV (SmokeyBarz) whereby he will upload filmed footage of London rappers simply rapping straight into the camera in random locations, which are quite exciting if you are a lover of organic rap freestyles straight from the head of the rapper, no studio beats, no ghost writers, just straight up street rap.

In just four years, SB-TV has now become force to be reckoned with in UK urban music. New videos posted daily at 3pm and pm feature some of the UK’s most talented acts showcasing their talents in its organic form without any studio gimmicks. It has also become an earning job as it features adverts from Virgin Unite, Nike, Def Jam Rapstar, Puma, Adidas, Sony and so on and showcases internationally acclaimed acts whether it is via interviews or music videos of, Labrinth, B.O.B, Dizzee Rascal, P.Diddy, Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa and many more. Not only that but Jamal has been able to turn this opportunity into more opportunities by signing a deal with Sony RCA to create his own label with them.

You see, what fascinates me about this boy is that this was a boy who at a tender age of 16 (whilst some of his mates might have been in high school, not that I am saying education is a waster of time, I love my degrees) he GOT HIS HEAD OUT OF THE BOX, using his ABILITIES, decided to create an opportunity not just for himself but for artists out there to have a recognized platform to showcase their talents, which if you have looked into out piece of Guy Kawasaki “The Art of the Start”, you will realize that a good business set is to want to change the world, which Jamal is doing by giving people a stage to shine

Now, with a subscriber base of 220,460 and with 138, 518, 565 views (as at 29th October, 2012), I suppose that SB-TV’s self-coined “ UK’S LEADING IN YOUTH ENTERTAINMENT” is very well deserved and only just a beginning as he plans to go to New York and take it off from there. Oh and by the way, according to the Sunday Times, he is worth £6m.

You can check out the channel here

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