Lessons From A Daniel Ek’s Interview I Thought To Share With You

By Maiyox

The concept of internet blogging although has been around for a while only recently began to make sense to me.  The idea of me writing articles for a blog or me creating one never crossed my mind until recently when my good friend, who’s an astute blogger, began to educate me on the possible benefits that may accrue from such activity.

One day as I was randomly playing around on the internet, the name Daniel EK came up with some interesting facts that got me researching further. As I researched deeper into this dude’s profile I stumbled on an interview session he had recently which I found not only educative but inspiring as well.  Haven picked up a few lessons myself, I thought it a good idea to share some with y’all.

I guess at this point it’s safe for me to assume that quite a number of you reading this already know who this guy is. But for the benefit of those of you who don’t know, I shall try to do a quick summary of what this dude’s about.

Daniel Ek born in February 1983 is a Swedish entrepreneur who in the last 2 decades has shaken the entertainment industry. At age 14 he started his first company which was a website development company. From then on his entrepreneurial spirit kept bursting forth, at the age of 22 he took over as the CEO of Utorrent ,the most popular BitTorrent client with over 100 million downloads and he started his the company Spotify when he turned 23.

In case you didn’t know, as of today, Spotify is arguably one of the most popular infrastructure available for sharing and streaming of media on the internet using social media such as twitter and Facebook as platforms. The company has seen unprecedented growth over the years with offices in major cities across the world.

As I watched his interview, certain things struck me about this young man some of which I’d be sharing with y’all. These features I have found to be common with the greatest entrepreneurs and inventors that have ever lived. He comes across as a very simple man with vision and character. One of the greatest lessons I learnt from watching this was his definition of innovation. Daniel defines innovation as using existing infrastructure/ materials to create a new one. After hearing that my perspective changed, it means that innovation does not necessarily mean creating something new as I had previously thought.  I was also captivated by his knack for finding solutions to problems. Combining these two facts I realised that innovation could be as simple as seeing a problem and creating a solution for it either by using already existing infrastructure or a new one.

It’s also important to note that there’s need to be focused in your problem solving. By this I mean most of the time it’s always better to focus on one problem and solving it well. For this young man trying to solve many problems at one time would amount to failure. In my opinion this is one key point to note and pay close attention to as an aspiring entrepreneur.

The final point I’d like to touch on are the concepts of ideas and execution. In this interview, Daniel reckons that having an idea is only 5% of innovation whilst execution of the idea takes the other 95%. My understanding of this is simply making sure that you act on your ideas. Too many people have ideas but aren’t doing anything about them.

In conclusion, it’s my hope that this article has been able to not just educate you about the qualities of a successful entrepreneur but also to inspire people into acting on their ideas. Having an idea is only a small portion of the innovation process but putting that idea to work makes all the difference. To cap it all up I dare say that the best time to act is now. Procrastination like they always say is the thief of time.

To watch the interview click here


God bless

Maiyox is a young graduate with passion for music and entertainment.

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