Many people might not know who this is, but again you have come to the right place, you’re welcome. Let me just state now that for full disclaimer, Issa is yet to make the hundreds of millions that the subjects of our previous posts have, but I was particularly intrigued by this person because of her yearn to dream and pursue her dream, and you know I like myself a dreamer, because what else do we have but our dreams?

Issa Rae is the creator, lead actress and writer, of a web series I stumbled upon called Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl I strongly recommend that you give this show a try, it is very hilarious!

It all starts with an IDEA. Her idea was to depict uncomfortable or in her context ‘awkward’ scenarios one faces when dealing with others. Then she realized (which was pointed put by an article by Leslie Pitterson) that there was a vacuum or a NEED in the media for black female nerdish characters, basically black versions of Tina Fey’s ‘Liz Lemon’ character from 30 Rock or Amy Poehler’s ‘Leslie Knope’ character on Parks and Recreation, to give an instance, as opposed to usual stereotypical representations of black female characters on screen. Launched in February 2011, with a single post on FaceBook and YouTube (without any big publicity campaign), she released the first episode of the series online, which she shot for a miniscule budget, with friends. The episode quickly went viral and to date has feted over 1.3m hits on YouTube. Since then, month after month another episode was released for the web viewers to enjoy.

When it was time to raise 30,000 dollars via Kick-starter to fund the production of the rest of the first series, she raised almost double the money with 56,000. Today, total views of all episodes stand at over 10,000,000 viewers. With the more views, then came more attention from CNN and other major outlets and then, people began to take note. Now, she is signed to UTA, one of the most prestigious talent agencies in the world, which manages the likes of Johnny Depp and Harrison Ford (So, you know that they don’t need you with these guys, you need them) and has teamed up with Pharell Williams’ I AM OTHER firm to fund the second season of the show. To add to that, she has now being announced as a creator of a new show called ‘I HATE LA DUDES’ alongside Shonda Rhimes, creator of Greys Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal, which has been sold to ABC networks in America.

Funny, how she has been able to do this in virtually over a year, that takes people decades to break out. Clearly, this is what happens when we get our heads of the box, we allow our minds to open up to opportunities that we can take advantage of. She had an idea, saw a need and took hold of the current tools available to us, twitter, Face-Book and You Tube and now she is on her way up! Oh and did I mention that she is just 27?


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