“Be Nice To Nerds. Chances Are You’ll End Up Working For One!”….. Bill Gates

By Ojie KING

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Interesting saying isn’t it?  I got this from the Oprah show. The hullabaloo behind was is to tell people that, being unique or different or being a nerd is something that should be embraced. This is because history has repeated itself over and over and over again that the so-called weirds; nerds or eccentrics of yesterday are the ones ruling today. Why? This is because the dared to GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THE BOXES and think!

Not that I am saying that we should all suddenly make efforts to be unique or eccentrics, now that would be weird, but the point I am making is that the only way, by which one can be a true innovator and in essence stand out, is if one will dare to GET HIS HEAD OUT OF THE BOX and start thinking. In this context, the box is the norm; the normal and safe way we do things so that we can make an easy buck and make an easy life. BORING! I am sorry, but that is the answer for that. When we get our heads out of the boxes, we dare to allow ourselves to think. This allows us the freedom to come up with newer; better, fresher ways to approach life, which frankly that is what differentiates “amazing” from sheer “ordinary”, and thus, where innovation is allowed to set in. You see, when we look at the celebrated minds (although quite a lot of them might have been called nerds, geeks, awkward or eccentric) of the past and present, there usually is one common thing. They are not super-humans like the media makes them out to be but they got their heads out of the boxes and decided to think. Getting their heads out gave them a unique or different view of life, giving them that mind-set of  “ WHAT IF WE…………..” OR “ TAKE FOR INSTANCE…………” OR “ WOULDN’T IT BE NICE IF……………..” allowing them the freedom to dream up new and exciting possibilities. I could cite Micro-soft, The Internet, and The Mac-book, The iPod as some obvious examples.

I recall when I was doing my dissertation for my masters’ degree. My supervisor told us that he had about 20-30 dissertations to mark, each at 15,000 words. He told us that we should “wow” him and please do not bore him. He said that the only reason why people score high in dissertation is because they simply gave him something that was approached in a new, fresh manner and probably something that had not seem before or had not even though about.

I know that it is the riskier option to think outside the norm, but ask your self this, what kind of world would this be if some guy did not say to himself, “you know I am tired of going to post-office and waiting so long till it gets to the person, isn’t there a way that I can just send this to him and he can get it now?” Or when the other guy said to himself “ instead of buying an i-pod and also having to buy a phone, isn’t there a way by which I can just have the two together?”

By the way, I followed my supervisor’s instruction and GOT MY HEAD OUT OF THE BOX, and ended up with a grade worthy of that.

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