By Ojie KING

I happened to be flipping through channels one early morning and stumbled upon a documentary about Rupert Murdoch. For some reason unbeknown to me, I sat down and digested the information that had been painstakingly gathered about this man. His business motives aside and call him what you want, this man is one of the most revered man in the media business and in effect one of the most powerful person in the world because whoever owns the news controls the minds of the people. This is because people only act on the information that they are given and as someone who is in charge of the information, he is indirectly in charge of people’s actions.

He was described as someone who is a forward thinker (we have a saying in my country that goes “ backward never, forward ever”), that is does not go home and say “ I did that today”, rather he was described as someone who goes home and says “okay, what’s for tomorrow?” On watching, there was a general agreement that this man is a gutsy risk taker and always welcomes a challenge.

They spoke of how he tried time and time again to acquire the Wall Street Journal and got into it at the best time when the controlling family was considering selling it. He placed an offer of 60 dollars a share for shares worth 30 dollars, so he knew where to put his money where his mouth was. The owners had no choice but to sell the paper, but however made him promise to maintain the prestige of the newspaper because he was known for allowing his paper’s reporting to be politically motivated. He relented that promise by eventually bringing in his own people but he was able to beat the USA TODAY as the number 1 newspaper.

One key thing from this man is that he is not afraid of going after what he wants and is not afraid of being the one who changes things even if it makes him look like the bad guy (and frankly, every story must have a bad guy anyways), because you know what, atimes the boats needs to be rocked once in a while to make things more interesting. However, one thing that stood out to me about this dude is that upon all everything, he simply is a lover of the news and media in general.

I have always shared that belief that one can only be good, and when I mean good, I mean gooooooood at what he does when he loves what he does. He eats and breathes it 24 hours, 7 days a week, which is why he is as good as he is because he knows everything about it, from the front as well as the back. Which makes the saying “don’t hate the player, admire his game” very appropriate for this man.

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