Your Notes of Ideas and Thoughts: ‘Imagine, Fine-tune and Make Sure to Execute It’


I started a process today, to come up with a business idea and write it down in a jotter; by turning on my imagination and creative tendencies and locating problems and opportunities around me. It doesn’t have to be a novel idea; it just has to be an idea on how to make things better from what I notice around.

And here is the reason I’m inspired to do this; I have this book of jottings of my ideas and thoughts (My Notes of Ideas). And last night, while arranging my room, I found it and started going through the pages, I was amazed at what I had written in it. Last year, I commuted on the train a lot, and it gave me the chance to have personal reflective times. I’m a thinker, and most times when I’m alone I get it into that realm of thoughts.

People always say, it’s important, to have a journal or notepad, where you write things down, I never bought into that. But last year, I was at the induction into a research degree at the University of Birmingham, and I remember one of the academics saying, he will advice any PhD student, to get a book, and just note down any thought or idea that comes to mind (I suspect it was Professor Stephen Gorard, his talk that day was relaxing and inspiring) although my mind says it might have been another professor.

Of a truth, I’m impressed, and today, it’s more real to me that, we create our future, that what happens in the future is absolutely up to you and me.

On the train to Birmingham the morning of October 28 2011, I wrote the following:

“I should consider starting a research firm focused on enlightening companies of opportunities in developing countries, —my PhD research is on entrepreneurship in developing countries… I need to spend some time to fine tune this idea”

My second jotting that morning was: “I guess having vending machines in trains will be a great idea”- it was in the morning I was so hungry, and there were no attendants selling refreshments in the train, and this wasn’t the first time I was experiencing this.

“Why aren’t there credit rating agencies in Nigeria???” A friend of mine had called me the night before, and we were laughing at banks in Nigeria. His dad had borrowed some money from a bank, the investment had gone bad, but he went to another bank to even borrow more money, to pay the first bank, and again from a third bank to pay the second bank, making him credit worthy in the first 2 banks, and now able to have access to even more funds (DANGER).

By the way, my research firm is now operational, started last month P&D Allianz.

The share volume of business ideas that I have written in my jotter is mind-boggling, and this came by because I decided to open my mindset and explore the possibility of what I want to be and I wrote them down. I decided to embrace each problem I encountered rather than avoid them.  To be honest, we are taught in life to avoid problems.

I’ll leave you with what my dad always told us, “If you follow in someone’s footsteps, you only go as far as they went; imagination, is the way you can go beyond other people, and when you imagine it, fine tune it and make sure to execute it”.

Deolu Adesanya: Shares the opinion of an enterprising mind. He believes Ideas and Innovation change the world. He believes in Africa. Most of all, He believes in YOU. He loves to regularly speak and write about the private sector and sustainable development in developing countries. He is a PhD researcher in entrepreneurship at the University of Leicester. He also carries out business consulting services. He is a Christian. He is also style conscious.

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