The Brand Apple: THE NEW ROCK STAR


A few years back, I recall sitting down in my lecture theatre and the lights dimming down and the screens coming alive to a video that I was told to watch as part of a lecture. However, what I saw was nothing such of mind-blowing. I recall sitting down there not really understanding what was going on but still having that feeling of excitement of what it was which I knew not. The build was intense and the anticipation I can only describe as the climbing sensations of an orgasm. At the end, flashed the image of one of the most innovative and gut wrenching brands to hit the 21st century. One word. APPLE.

The word APPLE is no more just a fruit that is grown in cold climates. It is now this phenomenon that shares the same coolness factors as that of rock stars so much so that when a new product is being launched, there is this big anticipation and excitement which is only reserved for rock stars like U2, Lady Gaga, Jay-z or Beyonce are preparing to launch new albums or when fans (and yes, fans not consumers) wait in line for hours for a Beyonce or Gaga concert, so do apple fans wait to be the first to possess ownership of their new APPLE whether you are an early adaptor or not. Just as Beyonce, Gaga and Rihanna fans like to live vicariously via the music though these artists by virtue of their distinct personalities, (Beyonce: FIERCE, Gaga: Wild, Outrageous and Free, Rihanna: Daring), so do apple fans do when they purchase their APPLE.

Apple Store Cabot Circus -Courtesy: Apple

The brand APPLE has now become the hottest rock star on the planet and has solidified its position in this hemisphere of the minds of investors (as it was pronounced the most valuable company with shares prices hitting 665.15 dollars) and ordinary individuals alike but still manages to reserves it sense of integrity and remarkable attention to detail. No more will a PC, or MP3 player will just be ordinary gadgets that have functions that can do what humans can’t be bothered to do but people now can take pride in saying that “ I HAVE A MAC” or “MY MAC THIS”, “MY MAC THAT”. The “MAC” has now become like a person that is being referred to in conversations.

I do admit, I have a flair for the drama with all my dramatized descriptions of the brand but the point I am driving at is that this is the vision of one man, that captured the whole world. ONE MAN. He saw something that he could create that could be useful but still make people feel something about it so much so that people begin to see themselves through this image that has been created, that my fellow creativity turfers is the definition of a good brand.

Here at CreativityTurf we strive to challenge the minds of our readers. We must dare ourselves to weed away mediocrity and instead take pains to settle down and carve out something that will capture not only the attention of people but the hearts of people.

Ojie KING || Put simply, Ojie is a dreamer, a pure dreamer and his aim is to get out his dreams to reality.

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