The essence of this statement might be out of frustration and upset that I did something quite bad but with good reason. I just finished a master’s degree and I am in that “what’s next?” position of my life. So, I found it particularly upsetting as well as insulting that the careers service in my university will put it upon themselves, to put up a poster in front of their office that read along the lines of if you have a master’s degree or a PhD, you stand a greater chance of a higher salary that people who have neither.

I found that to be particularly insulting because those who like me are applying for jobs in the UK are well aware that especially for entry positions, “NO ONE CARES WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE A MASTERS!” In all the job postings I have seen, I have never seen where it said that a master’s degree will be more preferable, it is usually a first degree and the level of experience you have and the amount of employability skills not whether or not you have a master’s degree, which is why the master’s degree programs are marketed mainly to international students because it add value to their cv’s for their countries.

However, at the same time some international students come to the UK probably in search of a better life and they believe that a master’s degree will give them and edge when the job time comes. This is true though but to an extent being that you still require some degree of experience to back it up. That is why I found it particularly offensive that such a poster will be put up by the careers service of my school when they know the current state of the labor market. Obviously, the home students will see the poster and pass it but the foreign students will see the poster and be heavily deceived, which in my opinion was just plainly unfair.

So, just as an expensive joke maybe, I took upon myself and with the help of a friend to attach a note against the poster that read “LIES, LIES, I HAVE A MASTERS AND NO ONE CARES”. The following day, I came to see a friend and the poster was removed. I know this might not be a big deal but to me I felt that if I could make such a little difference then there is much more that I as well as we can do.

The whole shebang behind this post is that there is nothing stopping us from doing what we want to do to make change and better our lives. We just have to be willing to make the first daring step to see it happen.

Ojie KING || Put simply, Ojie is a dreamer, a pure dreamer and his aim is to get out his dreams to reality.

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  1. famozo says:

    Lol….that’s funny; the note on the poster. I believe you are what you make of yourself. There are available opportunities and created opportunities, if there’s none available, create one for yourself. The world does not wait for a mediocre mind. Explore your potential.

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