Innovation is Difficult

So yesterday I blogged about TED and one of its very inspiring talks delivered by Sir Ken Robinson, and this morning, I got a call from one of a regular readers of our blog, and she went on and on about how she loved “Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity”, trust me, I’m sure the clip was very inspiring to me, and that is why I suggested it, but the way she spoke about it, I just had to go back and view it.

And I was duly blown away again, now the thing is, I’m with family at the moment, and I had my niece all-over me, she’ll go and comeback, always distracting, but I noticed subconsciously I was always pausing or rewinding the clip. Then it occurred to me, there is definitely something to learn in his speech.

Very few times have I found someone that has struck a cord with me on my beliefs. Many times over at CreativityTurf we have mentioned the need for you to find out your passion and follow through with it. Truth be told, your passion/talent/ability is not something that’s lying around, as Ken Robinson noted in the clip below, talent is human resources and it is just like natural resource, they are usually buried deep and you’ll have to dig deep and create the circumstances in which it shows itself and you have to pay attention to find and know it.

We make very poor use of our talent, very many people go through their whole lives having no real sense of what their talent may be, or if they even have any at all. I meet people who think they aren’t good at anything. Some people do not enjoy what they do, they only endure what they do rather than enjoy it. And it is because of this reason CreativityTurf setup this blog and also plan on opening schools from kindergarten level up until high school to help guide children from a very young age. We agree with Ken when he says that even when kids do not know, they will have a go at it, they are not frightened of being wrong. Most schools educate people out of their creative capacity by stigmatising mistakes. If you are not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original.

At the moment I am conducting a degree research on entrepreneurship and innovation and Ken Robinson speaks my mind on my findings when he says, “Innovation is hard, it is doing what many people do not find easy, it means challenging what we take for granted”.

Note To Self: You have tremendous talent. And most people squander their talent.

Picasso once said all children are born artist the problem is remaining an artist as we grow up.

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