Financial Problems? A Proven Way Out

I just got approval from a friend to share this, which I believe is worth reading. My friend use to work for a financial service firm and lost his job in early 2011 and for over a year he could not get a new one. This is someone with professional qualifications and even a master’s degree. In that period he had moved out of his flat and moved in with his friend when he could not cope with his financial obligations.

One night in the month of May, my friend and one of our guest writer on this blog got talking, (to be honest this writer is a bundle of ideas and does business consulting). The guest writer asked him one question, he gave an answer, and that has been the source of his income to date.

Guest Writer: “What have you been doing for the last 16 months?”

My Friend: “I have been applying for all sorts of different jobs, it’s almost like I do a 9-5 of job applications, and when I get bored, I just go on Twitter and Facebook”

Guest Writer: “You live in a relative big town, there are small businesses around, why don’t you manage their social media presence”

Simply meaning, opening and maintain a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Channel, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest and so on and charge a token monthly fee. He had nothing to lose and he did it, I personally witnessed in the first month, he made £700 and for the month ending July he made £1000 and he didn’t even need to have a capital to start, he just went around meeting small business opening and maintaining their social media presence. I know this is on a small-scale, but if he puts the proper structure into place, he can grow this business into what can yield him very handsome return.

Yes we are in a recession, and things are not yet looking promising, you might have lost your job, or your business might have folded up, but that idea might be the difference, never think little of an idea, also you have nothing to lose, just follow through on the idea.
Get talking with the right people, people who can inspire you, get to read the right stuffs, consume less negative news and information.

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