Michael Korn of KwickScreen: NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER

I read this statement by Michael and it made me want to find out about him:

My business nearly didn’t make it off the starting blocks. When my wife told me she was pregnant she said you have to get the business up and running before the baby is born or else get a ‘proper’ job … Isaac was born just 2 days after the first order came through, so the business was saved.

Situations like this in different forms face a lot of entrepreneurs all over the world, and some entrepreneurs might not be as blessed as Michael, and they might just decide to get a ‘proper’ job.

Michael Korn, is a 30 year old entrepreneur from East Finchley, London and he has a very interesting story.

Michael is the founder of Kwickscreen, the world’s most portable room-divider and its being sold in hospitals. Its used to divide spaces in the hospitals for different reasons. According to NHS rules in UK, hospitals can be fined £250 for each day a patient is forced to share accommodation with the opposite sex, of which using curtains to separate bays is not sufficient under NHS rules.

Michael Korn (Courtesy: Yourhiddenpotential)

Since its launch in 2010, the British-made product, manufactured in Corby, is used in over 30 NHS trusts as well as in Europe, North America and the Middle East. The room-divider also allows for unique design and important messages to be printed on the screen of the divider.

While Michael was at university and applying for jobs, he did a self analysis, and noticed, he had a lot of qualities that are required to be an entrepreneur and that he would do great working on his own and also he wanted to be in charge of his own destiny. After he finished his first degree, he started working for himself.

He didn’t have it all smooth as the opening statement shows, but what kept him going through the tough times at the beginning was the fact that he could see the end goal. And he believed in the product.

In speaking from experience Michael says there will always be the negative comments, like “this is impossible”, “how are you going to achieve this?” but that determination and belief is what you need to overcome. He told himself there was no other option, so he had to make this happen. And that people should NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER.

Website: www.kwickscreen.com

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