Challenges Inspires Ideas: The Story of

Challenges most times lead us to great ideas and many people fail to follow up on these ideas.

In June 2011, Karthik Naralasetty was inspired by a connect on Facebook that posted a request for blood for his father who was undergoing a heart surgery and 2 hours later posted a thank you message. In India and many other developing countries, blood banks are in short supply probably due to stigmas associated with blood donation in these countries. This challenge lead him to the idea of finding blood donors on Facebook.

He created, a social networking platform that connects blood donors and recipients of the same blood type through Facebook. The idea is simple, the website links to eight different groups on Facebook, one for each blood type. People request to join the Facebook group of their own blood type and a moderator will approve the request.

People who are in need of a blood donation, can post a message to the group and potential donors who live in their vicinity can accept to help. Socialblood has a network strength of over 4,500 members across 19 countries, the programme has helped save many lives and it is still generating more interest with each passing day. They’ve even saved a three-year-old child who was on the brink of death.

Have a look at that challenge you are facing, and come up with a simple idea, follow it through or share it with someone you trust. Without the idea even being concrete, Karthik started with just a group on Facebook. To the team, keep impacting the world


Have a look at the Socialblood video below.

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