Buddy Media CEO’s Inspiring Story

“A New Beginning – Is Fear Holding You Back?” 

In 2007, Michael Lazerow co-founded Buddy Media, Inc., a company that offers some of the world’s largest brands social media solutions. Fast-forward 2012, it is being reported that it has been acquired by Salesforce.com for $689 million and the deal will close in the summer.

In this simple video, Michael shares a very touching and inspiring story of how, all his life he has suffered a heart condition and almost encountered death on a couple of occasions. He said, on the second occasion, he virtually cheated death, and that same year he started his first company, many more has followed since then.

Scroll down for video

Courtesy: Businessinsider

His story also mirrors Elon Musk co-founder of PayPal, who almost died of cerebral malaria in 2000 and he said the “near-miss” had given him renewed focus and energy and sharpened his goal-setting. He went on to create Tesla, SolarCity, & SpaceX.

Is fear holding you back? What is that thing you always wanted to do? What is that idea you have in you, get going at it. Keep it simple and crack at it.

Website: www.buddymedia.com

What do you think about this touching video?

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